What to Look for When Purchasing a Vanity

There are many factors that a lot of customers don’t think of when purchasing a new vanity. Check out this quick guide to learn everything you should consider when making your decision.

1.Who's using it and how will they use it?

When selecting a vanity, the first question you should ask yourself is who will be using it and how they will use it. If you and your spouse both have to leave for work in the morning, you don't want to crowd around the vanity to get ready. This implies that you'll need to purchase one with two sinks. If you live alone but use a lot of products to get ready in the morning, you should prioritize counter space.

2.The Plumbing

The type of vanity you get and where you put it will be determined by your plumbing. While you can relocate your plumbing, this will raise the cost of your project. So, unless it puts your vanity too close to a door or if you don't want it near the toilet, you may want to work around it.

In terms of design, most plumbing hookups are compatible with standing vanities. If you want to go with a wall-mounted one, your plumbing will need to be moved slightly to accommodate it.


The style of your bathroom can be changed as much as you want but it may cost you a bit extra to try and move doors around or knock down walls. That’s why it’s important to look at the layout before you start your project. Watch out for the door swing. If your door opens inward and hits the vanity, then it will be a little annoying. If you’re going with a shower with a door instead of a curtain, then you’ll have to be aware of that door as well. Consider how close you want the vanity to the toilet. You don’t want to be bumping into it when you’re rushing to use the bathroom.

4.Storage Area

It's now time to put everything away. Finally, you have somewhere to put things so you can organize your bathroom! Before you get too far ahead of yourself, decide on the type of storage you require. You may have to sacrifice some storage space in order for the vanity to fit in your bathroom. Also, the plumbing may not be able to accommodate four rows of drawers and your sink, so keep that in mind.

5.Select a Sink Style

Not all sinks are created equal, and the one you choose will influence the style and function of your vanity. Having said that, there are numerous sinks available, so it may be best for you to decide how much counter space you require before selecting the bowl. A sink will take up space regardless of the type, but an under-mounted sink, for example, will allow you to have more counter space.

6.Choose sturdy materials

You're going to be cruel to your bathroom sink without meaning to. It will be subjected to a great deal of abuse. Makeup, cleaning products, water, and humidity have all been spilled. Even if you turn off your bathroom vent, there will be plenty of humidity. Certain materials are more resistant to this than others. You also want a countertop that is resistant to grout. This isn't required, but grout can be difficult to clean, so it will save you some time.


Choosing a bathroom vanity that meets the needs of everyone in your home can be difficult. Everything from the size and height of the sink to the obstacles in your path must be considered. We hope that this article has helped you narrow down your options. If you do require assistance, please feel free to contact us and a professional can assist you further. 

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