Kings Bottle 2℃~8℃ 756L Upright 2-Door Medical Fridge & Lab Refrigerator - KBU5L756

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Kings Bottle 2℃~8℃ 756L Upright 2-Door Medical Fridge & Lab Refrigerator - KBU5L756

Introducing the Safer Storage Superior Temperature Control Refrigerator, a reliable and advanced solution for your storage needs. With its cutting-edge technologies and user-friendly design, this refrigerator ensures precise control and uniformity of temperature, providing optimal conditions for your valuable items.

The microcomputer temperature control system guarantees accurate and stable temperature settings, allowing you to maintain the perfect environment for your stored goods. The dual display feature conveniently shows both temperature and humidity levels, keeping you informed at all times.

With a temperature accuracy of 0.1℃ and a temperature variation of less than 2℃, this refrigerator delivers exceptional temperature control. Its temperature uniformity of ±1℃ ensures that every corner of the cabinet is evenly cooled, safeguarding the integrity of your stored items.

The inclusion of a USB port enables temperature recording and traceability, ensuring that you can monitor and track the storage conditions over time. In addition, a backup battery is provided to ensure continuous operation, even during power outages. The audible and visual alarm systems alert you immediately in case of any temperature fluctuations or anomalies.

Equipped with advanced technologies, this refrigerator guarantees reliable and stable performance. It features an internationally renowned compressor and a top cooling system that efficiently circulates cool air from the top to the bottom. This unique design acts as an air curtain, preventing external hot air from entering the refrigerator when the door is open, thus maintaining a consistent temperature inside the cabinet.

The DC turbo fan integrated into the system reduces noise levels by 8% while operating with increased efficiency. The built-in air duct not only enhances cooling performance but also maximizes the interior space by 10%, providing you with more storage capacity. Additionally, the LBA forming technology, with its fourth-generation foaming agent, ensures superior insulation, energy-saving efficiency, and a larger interior storage space.

Designed with convenience in mind, this refrigerator boasts several user-friendly features. The electric heating glass door prevents condensation and offers a clear view of the stored items. The door self-close mechanism ensures that the door is properly sealed after use. Adjustable shelves with label holders provide efficient organization and easy identification of your items. The inclusion of a porthole allows for external monitoring without opening the door, minimizing temperature fluctuations. The adjustable LED light offers optimal illumination, and the wide voltage range design ensures compatibility in various power conditions.

Choose the Safer Storage Superior Temperature Control Refrigerator for reliable performance, precise temperature control, and a user-friendly experience. It is the perfect solution for storing temperature-sensitive items in laboratories, medical facilities, and other demanding environments. Experience peace of mind knowing that your valuable items are protected by state-of-the-art technology and superior design.


  1. Microcomputer temperature control: Ensure precise and stable temperature settings for optimal storage conditions.
  2. Dual display: Conveniently view both temperature and humidity levels at a glance.
  3. Temperature accuracy: Maintain temperature accuracy of 0.1℃ for precise control.
  4. Temperature uniformity: Achieve excellent temperature uniformity of ±1℃ for consistent storage conditions.
  5. USB port for temp. record traceability: Easily monitor and track temperature data over time.
  6. Backup battery: Ensure continuous operation even during power outages.
  7. Audible & visual alarm systems: Receive immediate alerts for temperature fluctuations or anomalies.
Advanced Technologies:
  1. International famous compressor: Guarantee reliable and stable performance.
  2. Top cooling system: Improve temperature uniformity by 40% and prevent rapid temperature rise when the door is open.
  3. DC Turbo Fan: Decrease noise level by 8% and provide safer and more efficient operation.
  4. Built-in air duct: Increase effective interior space by 10% and enhance cooling performance.
  5. LBA forming technology: Ensure better insulation, energy-saving efficiency, and larger interior storage space.
Humanized Design:
    1. Electric heating glass door: Prevent condensation and provide a clear view of stored items.
    2. Door self-close: Ensure proper sealing of the door after use.
    3. Adjustable shelves with label holder: Easily organize and identify stored items.
    4. Porthole: Monitor the interior without opening the door, minimizing temperature fluctuations.
    5. Adjustable LED light: Optimize illumination for easy visibility.
    6. Wide voltage range design: Compatible with various power conditions.


    • Storage Volume: 756 L
    • Climate Class: N
    • Temperature Range: 2 to 8 ℃
    • Cooling Type: Forced air cooling
    • Defrost Mode: Auto
    • Voltage/Frequency (110V/60Hz)
    • Cabinet Type: Upright
    • Door Type: LOW E glass with Electrical heating door
    • Refrigerant: R600a 


    • Interior Size: 34.6"W 25"D 53.3"H
    • Exterior Size: 38.2"W 31.8"D 75.6"H


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